Our project

Well-seeing means enjoying the pleasure of seeing not only well but also safely.

Well-seeing is a campaign aimed at raising people awareness not only on our eyes health but also on how to take care of them. In order to enjoy the beauty revealed by light, we need to learn how to protect us from the harmful part of the solar radiation.

This is why we need to choose sunglasses that are not just  all the rage accessories, but also technical devices which can ensure the best comfort as well as visual performance. Well-seeing means thus the possibility of both uncovering true colours and details  and  protect our eyes and our visual wellness.

Well-seeing is a project of the world leader in the production of glass lenses, Barberini. This project is addressed to both opticians and consumers who care for their visual wellness and want to learn how to effectively protect their eyes.

In order to enjoy a perfect vision, we give you these simple suggestions:

1. use only glass lenses because of their optical quality and their resistance to mechanical stress and scratches;

2. use lenses providing at least UV100% protection or even better UV400, in order to protect your eyes from the harmful part of the solar radiation;

3. use lenses with antireflection treatments in order to prevent reflected light to reach your eyes. We often underestimate the energy of reflected light surrounding us, that can, sometimes, have the same intensity as the direct light (as for example the glare due to quite bright cloudy days or reflecting surfaces );

4. use polar lenses if you are expected to use sunglasses on the sea or next to shiny surfaces in general (such as water, ice or snow) . These lenses are capable of minimising the glare provoked by polarised light;

5. use lenses with hydrophobic and oleo-phobic treatments, in order to keep the lenses always clean and easier to clean;

6. use their specific cases to carry them, this allows you to protect them from impacts and scratches;

7. use warm water and neutral soap in order to clean them, as well as soft and clean clothes in order to dry them.