Platinum Glass™

The Platinum Glass™ lens

Platinum Glass™ stems from Barberini’s research and know-how and it is a top-quality and highly innovative glass, the most performing glass lenses are made of. Barberini Platinum Glass™ is a premium optical glass whose name was inspired by the production process. The oxides mixed is melted in special furnaces and refined through a column of pure platinum, so as to obtain a glass lens free of any impuritiy.

During the fusion some minerals, called Rare Earth Elements are also added, to enhance the visual contrast, operating as a chromatic equalizer.

Each Platinum Glass™ lens is made of two chemically hardened glass wafers. This process results in offering the best quality in terms of resistance to break. Finally, the lens undergoes the most innovative treatments such as multi-layer antireflection, to protect from reflected light, as well as hydrophobic and oleo-phobic coatings, to keep the lens clean for long time and be easier to clean.


Furthermore, all Platinum Glass™ lenses are provided with a UV400 protection, thus stopping the UV radiation as far as 400 nm, basically  providing a  higher protection than the standard UV100% set by law (up to 380 nm).

Platinum Glass™ can be Polarized or photochromic, depending on the specific needs of each user; they may also have the IR protection, the filter from infrared rays, which helps prevent dehydration and eye and skin aging.

Platinum Glass™ lenses are thus the ultimate frontier of optical quality: they are transparent, clear, capable of minimising light alterations and granting a clear and relaxed vision. They are the Well-seeing lenses.